Danish School Cycling

Dansk Skolecykling (Danish School Cycling) makes it easier, more fun and safer to ride a bike – and is working to get more people to choose the bike.

Danish School Cycling’s aim is that everybody should feel at home on the bike and regard it as an obvious choice for daily transport as well as bigger adventures. At the same time we are working to strengthen the cycling culture as part of our national identity and as a source for better physical and mental health.

In our cycling activities we work on focus and progression. First we focus on being able to handle the bike and then focus on meeting the environment and fellow road users in a safe way. We do this through training and play where we create a narrative that provides routine and awareness of the skillsets that need to be trained.  By adjusting the level of difficulty and possible variations we can give all participants the opportunity of mastering the tasks and strengthen their learning and motivation.

We use activities that:

  1. Strengthen body and motor function.
  2. Facilitate the ability to focus and concentrate.
  3. Stimulate social intercourse through shared experiences.
  4. Put a smile on the face of all participants.

We have cycling activities, events and courses for children and adults.

Cycling in kindergartens

The new cyclists must have a taste of cycling. This requires the right amount of challenges and experiences, so they can grow with the bike as a good friend. At the same time they train their skills and awareness.

Cycling in schools

School-age children are curious and have the motor skills to ride a bike. Playful learning is their whole identity. We train their bike skills and connect cycling to school subjects, community and traffic safety.


Electric bikes make it easier to ride a bike more than you usually can, but the e-bike is also different than a normal bike. With practice, knowledge and good advice you can get exactly what you need from the e-bike.

Bike start for adults

When conditions change it’s important to adapt. You can continue to ride your bike with joy and a sense of safety if you learn to use the body, head and bike in new ways. And some can even get to know the bike for the first time.

Cycling events

Danish School Cycling is always ready to create cycling events. We have lots of experience and lots of ideas on how to get children and adults on their bikes.


We conduct courses for future cycling instructors in day care centres, schools and other places with cycling activities. We furthermore do presentations at national and international conferences.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us about a future collaboration.  

Dansk Skolecykling (Danish School Cycling) makes it easier, more fun and safer to ride a bike

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